Carmen Lidia Vidu looks around and searches for stories, people and bribes of history with a small "h", which she brings to theater and film audiences in artistic forms that generate emotion.
Carmen Lidia Vidu is the only Romanian director to have won both GOPO and UNITER, the Romanian film and theater awards for best directing.

She won the latter in 2021 for directing “Romanian Diary. 1989” at The National Theatre "I.L. Caragiale" Bucharest, about the history with a capital "h" of the Romanian Revolution; the former, she won it in 2015 for the film “A Brief History of Astra Film”. In 2017 she starts collaborating with the George Enescu Festival as a multimedia director.

In 2021, she is also (only) the third female director in the history of post-Revolution Romanian theater to win a UNITER Award. Online, she is a strong feminist voice, an opinion leader who speaks out on socio-political, cultural, civic issues, on authentic people and places she discovers in her documentaries.