Carmen Lidia Vidu, theatre, film and event director, is well-known for the experimental theatrical performances staged in the most important theatres in Romania. She is a unique presence in the Romanian theatre as the first director who successfully combined video projections, the specific means of the cinema and live acting.

She is also the first and most important multimedia theatre director in Romania and the youngest director who staged a play for the National Theatre in Bucharest (“The Nightingale and the Rose” by Oscar Wilde, in 2007). The theatrical performances staged by Carmen Lidia Vidu are special in that they use a different artistic language and turn technique into genuine emotion. The director promises never to stop experimenting.

In 2017 Carmen Lidia Vidu became The Multimedia Director of George Enescu Festival. Carmen Lidia Vidu has also successfully tried her hand at directing films (documentary and short films) and video clips (collaborations with Noblesse Oblige and Mes Quins bands).”A Short Astra Film History”, directed by Carmen Lidia Vidu in 2013 for the Astra Film Festival in Sibiu, received in 2015 the Gopo Award for the best documentary short film.