Multimedia Director

Multimedia Director for Die Frau ohne Schatten
conductor Vladimir Jurowski, Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin
As is now customary in these Bucharest concert performances, the multimedia director Carmen Lidia Vidu supplied a clever backdrop of graphics: the animation might at times have looked Pythonesque, but even its wit was rooted in the meaning of the work, and the way in which Vidu played with ideas and images going right back to the original costumes evoked a world in which ‘Übermächte’ were still very much ‘im Spiel’.
JOHN ALLISON, editor-in-chief Opera magazine
Multimedia Director for Peter Grimes
conductor Paul Daniel, Romanian National Radio Orchestra & Radio Academic Choir
I have drawn the entire film of the opera frame by frame. There are at least 500 drawings transformed into 500 short films that I will present to the tempo of conductor Paul Daniel. Moreover, we have tried to draw the characters according to the cast that will be present in the Enescu Festival. Illustrator Gabi Skinder has made tremendous work, and Julien Javions is the one who transformed the drawings into a film. I grew up by the Danube, among fishermen. A mix of Romanians and Serbians. I, a child, they, people of the water. The houses in Gornea village are terraced. We were sharing a wall with the village pub. I remember the publican’s big dogs, the two ‘loose’ girls across the street, the killing of a young man and many more things that I can’t tell, but that are part of my biography and of Peter Grimes.
Multimedia director for Mathis der Maler
conductor Lawrence Foster
The highlight of these Palace concerts had come when Festival stalwart Lawrence Foster conducted a concert performance of Hindemith’s Mathis der Maler. That the premise of an artist caught between social and creative action, in the midst of cultural upheaval, is as relevant today as it was eighty or indeed 380 years ago can hardly be gainsaid. This comparatively rare opportunity to hear complete an opera as ranks with the finest of the past century was its own justification and the present account did not disappoint.
Carmen Lidia Vidu’s multimedia backdrop – incorporating English synopses of each tableau into its interplay of Mathis Grünewald’s artwork with abstract visuals – enhanced the music without distracting from it. The audience thinned out by the close, but this remained a vindication of Foster’s belief in a significant opera and also the Enescu Festival for having made it possible.
(Richard Whitehouse, Classical Source)
Multimedia director for Oedipe
conductor Vladimir Jurowski, London Philharmonic Orchestra
L'opéra "Oedipe" de Georges Enesco, habillé en spectacle multimédia et interprété par l'orchestre philharmonique de Londres, a été ovationné à Bucarest, en ouverture d'un festival dédié au compositeur roumain.
Le maestro russe Vladimir Jurowski et les artistes ont été applaudis debout des minutes durant.
Des projections vidéo (Carmen Lidia Vidu) sur écran géant on rythmé cette tragédie lyrique sur un livret original en français d'Edmond Fleg, dont la première a eu lieu en 1936 à l'opéra Garnier de Paris.
"L'idée de créer une atmosphère autour de la musique, sans toutefois laisser l'image prévaloir, a appartenu à M. Jurowski", a déclaré à l'AFP Mihai Constantinescu, directeur exécutif du festival.
"Les spectateurs ne sont pas distraits par les décors et les costumes, mais se retrouvent transportés en Grèce antique par l'utilisation de la technologie moderne", a-t-il ajouté.
Chef d'orchestre principal de la Philharmonie de Londres depuis 2007 et directeur artistique du festival, Vladimir Jurowski, 45 ans, a expliqué avoir cherché une conception innovante en "introduisant des éléments de théâtre" dans cette oeuvre qu'il considère comme "l'un des sommets de l'opéra du XXe siècle".
Le maestro a rendu hommage à la metteuse en scène roumaine Carmen Lidia Vidu pour les projections vidéo, "simples mais belles", qu'elle a conçues.
"Le but était d'emmener le spectateur dans un voyage musical et visuel", a déclaré Mme Carmen Lidia Vidu à l'AFP. "J'ai essayé de démythifier Enesco, de le regarder non pas comme un titan mais comme un homme qui se confesse à moi", a-t-elle ajouté.
( Agence France-Presse)